Complications Of Chicken Pox In Adults

Complications Of Chicken Pox In Adults

When considering the complications of the disease chicken pox it is considered that there are many a number of complications that can occur to the person who is suffering from the problems of chicken pox. Rarely, due to the serious bacterial infection of the chicken pox the complicated diseases can occur to the people. The diseases such as the encephalitis may also occur to the chicken pox suffering people. Other complications belonging to the chicken pox may also include the below given symptoms.

  • Reye’s syndrome
  • Myocarditis
  • Transient arthritis
  • Pneumonia

Cerebellar ataxia is a disease which may also appear the chicken pox suffering people during the recovery phase. Sometime it can also occur to the person in later stage. This sometime just involves a simple and very unsteady walk.


There are a number of prevention measures that can be taken by the patients suffering from the chicken pox. The prevention is mainly because of the fact that the chickenpox is an airborne and it is also very contagious disease. The prevention is also necessary before the rashes appear in the body otherwise it becomes very difficult to get it out and avoid it. For prevention sometime the vaccines can also be sued. A vaccine is a very important thing for the child who is needed to prevent the chickenpox because it is just a part of the child’s routine and the immunization schedule of him.

The vaccine can usually prevent the dangerous chickenpox disease too completely or sometime it can also make the illness of the child of a very mild level.

You are also sometime suggested to talk to the doctor of you. This is very important in case if you think that your child may be suffering at a higher risk for getting the complications or you find that he might have got exposed of it. In other case the immediate prevention measures might also be very important. Giving the chicken pox vaccines very early after the exposure then it may also still can reduce the probability and the highest severity of the occurrence of the disease.

Special considerations (in pregnant women)

There are a number of cases when the chicken pox can be more dangerous for the person. A special case is like in case of pregnancy. Women who by any means get the chickenpox disease during her pregnancy are also at the risk of passing the chicken pox infection to the young and little developing baby in her womb. Hence during pregnancy the newborns are also usually at a highest risk of getting the severe infection through her mother only. Hence it can be said that it is more severe during pregnancy.