Chest pain treatment at home

Chest pain treatment at home

Chest pain Diagnosis and Treatment

Chest pain a very common symptom of heart attack is these days becoming very common. When a patient complaints of chest pain, he has to be immediately taken to the doctor who can treat him and diagnose his chest. If reaching the doctor can take time he can very well chew two baby aspirin as that will help him feel better till he reaches the doctor. It should be chewed well and then swallowed and the medicine indeed acts to be a good life savior without causing any side effects.

Once the patient reaches the hospital before conducting tests the doctor will first check or rather ask the history of the patient and then analyse how it occurred. He would also calculate the exact symptoms for the occurrence of this pain.  After having a look at the records he would conclude as to what was the main reason for the chest pain. Also before coming to the conclusion he would physically examine the patient.

After physical examination the patient would have to undergo an ECG test.  This is basically conducted to know about the heart disease and attack.

For coagulation tests and other cardiac enzyme test blood of the patient is collected for the purpose of testing. If the doctor suspects that the chest pain could have led to heart attack the patient is immediately admitted in the ICU.  CT scans and chest X ray is then done to know in detail about the heart disease. Once the doctor is clear with the problem the patient is suffering he immediately starts the treatment. Anticoagulation treatments is started and in case of any surgery or Bypass needs to be conducted the patient is suggested to undergo the surgery as soon as possible.

This proves to be a very apt treatment for chest pain

Besides surgery there are some nutritional supplements that are available for patients who undergo chest pain and other heart related diseases. Diagnosis for chest pain can also be done via yoga as it has lots of breathing exercises which help patients relax and get rid of problems like anxiety and asthma. A doctor and a heart expert can very easily diagnose chest pain by suggesting various different medicines but apart from this he too suggests patients to do yoga and regular exercise which is not very aggressive and tiring.

Meditation again can help people live a healthy and strong life devoid of any heart and chest pains. So now do not panic if you feel a mild pain in your chest because you know how to easily deal with it.