Breast Cancer First Stage Symptoms

Breast Cancer First Stage Symptoms

Breast Cancer Stages, Causes And Treatment

It is really a very important thing for each one of the patient of breast cancer to determine the exact stage of it. This is because of the fact that it is the stage of the cancer through which the treatment of the problem will further go on. Determining to the breast cancer exact stages is also one of the important things since it can easily enables to the patient and to the doctor both to identifying the treatment method which is really helpful and necessary for treating one’s condition.

Also it is a thing which is considered very essential in order to assess the overall risk of the current and given condition of the patient suffering from the breast cancer. The other thing that can also be known by determining it are that what are the changes of the lifestyle which can be considered by the patient that can for sure improve the overall health of the patient.

Now since you want to determine the current stage of the cancer of the body of any women then it is the level or the extent of the cancer which can easily determine the exact stage of breast cancer in any person. In order to determine the exact stage of cancer there are a few standard methods which are to be followed by the doctors in order to complete the diagnosis. There are total of 4 stages of the cancer. The first one is the stage 0 of the breast cancer which is supposed to be the noninvasive stage of the breast cancer. The second stage is the stage I which is considered to be the invasive type of the breast cancer stage.

The stage II is also an invasive type of breast cancer which is also further divided in two more parts. These both may differ with the symptoms and other things. The other stages of the breast cancer are stage III, stage IV and stage V. In the 5th stage of the cancer the cancer cells could have grown to reach many other parts of the body. It is considered as one of the incurable cancer condition. It is also known as one of the most dangerous condition of the breast cancer.

Causes and treatment

The cause of the women getting developed the breast cancer is her gender and the age. The other causes of development of breast cancer are the family history, hormonal causes and genetic causes etc. beside them it is the diet of the women, her lifestyle and the environment she is living in are the most effective. Surgery is one of the most common treatments for it. However other options like self-care at home hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the other options to treat breast cancer.